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Search for ad rotator or advertisement manager, and test out one of the plugins.
It is totally absolutely free of charge, but it has a tiny learning curve, and likely has more choices than the affiliate requirements.

I used an agency called OpenX for a long time.

Because you’re using WordPress for your affiliate site, I would encourage you to proceed with a more seamless process to control your advertising.
Ad servers allow affiliates to plug into a brief piece of code into places in their website (s), and then easily switch out banners, in addition to rotating a variety of banners.
I haven’t employed a plugin for advertising management so there isn’t one specifically I would advocate. Just try out several and stick with the one you.
Be aware that some are free and others cost something.

There are countless WordPress plugins for advertisements. Just go in your WordPress dash to the Plugins section and click on “Insert New”. This will enable you to search for plugins.

Using an ad server simplifies the management of affiliate campaigns, since you are able to see and compare all your action in 1 area.

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