HTC Evo 3D, View 4G available for pre-order at Sprint

Sprint customers holding out to the HTC Evo 3D could now inch slightly closer to that glasses-free screen — without falling by RadioShack. The company has confirmed you’re able to reserve the WiMAX handset by plunking down $50 to get a card and visiting with a store. There is no word on when you’re going to be able to find the device in-hand (along with also the 3D’s exclusive carrier is mum on pricing), butif you don’t mind booking a phone without any hint about how much you’ll eventually should cover, then Sprint appears happy enough to swap your Grant to get a spot on the list. It’s also taking names for your Evo View 4G tablet and, like the 3D, that deposit may be used to take a bite from a 2D handset. You know, in the event you decide that there is a third dimension too hot to deal with.

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