More Payouts

So my program I have running on my pc was acting funny nowadays, it won’t link for any reason. I am worried it won’t work today or something, and so I requested payout. Once I asked my payout, $13.67 was delivered to my Payza. I feel foolish today I really don’t have Payza linked to my bank account so I need to wait for that to take place before receiving my cash but that is ok, I could wait. Picture below of payment to payza:

I’m not certain what I posted for payments so this really is much more obligations…

So you will see I got a payment from The Bux, 2 from my additional paypal one of them is for Slice The Pie although not sure of the other… 2 payments in IDictate and MIneFreeLabs or (MineCoins) and surprisingly Yovia although I didn’t need to ask it, it just showed up. Its not much money but I am happy with each bit I create, it all helps in the end. Even though I lost a lot of motivation I am happy to announce I’m up to $20.05 with bubblews! I am $4.95 away from having the ability to redeem my payment, I can’t wait.

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