Niche Site Project Part 3

These will be our first homepage banner categories, although we’ve included a couple of others as well:
We love to start with around six pictures on the home page to begin with, although this may vary by market. Our experience has indicated that folks seem to gravitate towards clicking nice imagery as opposed to using the menus, and therefore it’s important to give them a pleasant experience on the homepage, as well as giving them some ideas, and helping them to filter out the products that they may not be interested in.

We’ll still be trying to rank fobandco for those very exact conditions (the tasteful”nurse graduation present” nurse watches will nonetheless be greatest for this branding, but won’t work for its colourful, entertaining everyday nurse watch fashion site), but it should be a ton simpler to rank the committed nurse watch website due to the much higher relevance, and ability to have way more designs. It will be a fascinating experiment, because we’ve never tried to rank two sites for the same terms before (though we’ve often thought of this ).
With this market , we’ll have to do the how to use instructions, in addition to some kind of guarantee card. We want to use business cards to try it, since they are modest, can be achieved with class, and are simple to get printed quite cheaply (we utilize vistaprint).
They’d however, make for a great site of their very own. The searches are high enough to stand in their own because of market, the competition suits our standards, and while we couldn’wont control a particularly substantial amount for this manner of watch, we do have the capability to market more than silicon instance at one time (the small watch piece snaps to the silicon instances ), and manufacturer it amazingly. Tess of class is now super excited about it, and it’s going to not be possible to prevent her from doing this anyway today that she is able to envision it — so I guess we’re starting another market!
Day 10
Received an email from the supplier to state the purchase was on its way, so it won’t take too long! Time to find the website a bit more”prepared”.

In addition, we will have to consider what will go together with the packing. We’re fighting to find any calico bag suppliers to return to usdespite sending a number of mails, but we’re likely to keep trying. It will take a time before our additional pocket watch examples samples arrive too, so that we ’re playing the waiting game on the market too. It’s starting to seem like it will be the packing which may prevent us from accessing this website up as fast as we would like to, as when they eventually arrive, there are no guarantees that any of them will be good enough for what we want. In various ways, packaging is even more significant than the product when you are attempting to have a higher price for your items.

Doing this forces you to figure out which product categories you’re going to set up. Sometimes (in case you’re blessed ) your keyword research may help guide you. In our case though, while there are a lot of scattered key words (all below 100 searches), then it actually comes down to our key keywords such as”pocket watches” and”fob watches” that isn’t overly helpful (as they are the same thing). We’ve got”Nurses Watches” also we’re going after, so this can be an easy win for a class. While I don’t get overly hopeful about any searches under 100 being that useful, without any other information, we’ve employed a number of the following key words to round out our classes:
Exotic pocket watches / fob watches
black pocket watches / fob watches
half-hunter pocket watches / fob watches
full-hunter pocket watches / fob watches
nurses fob watches

Contacted the photographer to let them understand that the watches will reach him likely early next week. Additionally gave him examples of what sort of photographs (angles etc.. ) we need so that he can begin getting ideas of how to make it happen.

Day 8
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I’ve whipped up two cards ordered them. One is the instructions card about how to use the watches (dependent on the provider ’s data ) and another is that a”thanks to buy, please contact us with some problems” card.
That which we’ve discovered while looking for the actual product is that while there are a couple of classy layouts that will fit nicely in our semi traditional feel that we’re planning for using, the majority of the nurses watches accessible appear to be cheaper teak style watches, so which would not match at all into our specialization.
The”Nurse Watch” discussion. Give the extra number of searches, along with the similarity of the product, it seems crazy not to bring this as a class to our website.
The providers we’ve been connected with seem to possess exactly the exact directions for the watches, so this will be a great spot for us to begin.
We also like to incorporate a few extra inserts with every order. It doesn’t matter what they are in a way, it’s about the consumer feeling like they have tons of”things” whenever they get the shipping. It needs to be nice stuff though, and not too”salesy”. Things like maintenance instructions, warranty cards, and what to do in case the item isn’t your liking .

Since we don’t really have some products to take photographs of, I had a look at a few stock image sites to determine whether there weren’t any images that might work. Doing this can be difficult, as stock images don’t always comprise the goods you’re seeking to market, and even when they do, then the images can be in different styles, or hard to add text into. If you are able to use them however , it’s an easy a comparatively cheap method to get your site going. We did fine — not perfect — but good . Perfectionists shouldn’t apply!

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